Masked Parade goes global


Organisers had to sort through a whopping 112 theme suggestions for this year’s Masked Parade, but they’ve chosen one with an international twist.

The winning theme, ‘We are the World’ was submitted by member of the public Lynne Kohen, who says she chose it because of its inclusiveness.

“I believe this is a time to respect and celebrate differences, not use them as reasons for divisiveness. We are the World isn’t a new idea, but its message is vital, enduring and so important for our children to understand.”

Councillor Gaile Noonan, Chair of the Community Services Committee, says there were many very strong suggestions to choose from for this year’s theme.

We are the World is open to many interpretations – cultures, stories and environments – all of which make up our world.

“It underlines the history Nelson has with its community, many of whom come from around the world.

“There are also very current aspects to this theme. We are the World encourages people to think of us all as belonging in the same world, collectively, not separately.”

Organisers hope the parade participants will explore and express ideas about culture and identity, their stories and histories, their place in the world, and of course the natural world.

Enrolments to take part in the Masked Parade are now open.