The newly formed Kea Scout group at the Brightwater Scout Den last Wednesday. Photo: Simon Bloomberg

Keas taking off in Brightwater


A new scout group in Brightwater is proving so popular that it already has a waiting list and organisers are trying to recruit extra leaders so that even more children can join in the fun.

The Brightwater Kea Scout group was formed on February 8 and already has a capacity of 12 children aged five to seven and a half who meet at the Brightwater Scout Den every Wednesday.

Scout leader Lee Galvin says the group is proving so popular it has a waiting list of 12 children but they can’t take any more until they recruit more leaders.

Lee, who came over from the Wakefield Scout group to set up the Brightwater Keas, says it’s the first time Brightwater has had a Keas group for at least 10 years.

Although there had been a lot of interest from parents to set up a group in Brightwater, Lee says even she was surprised at the number of children who wanted to join.

“I used to be a Kea leader at Wakefield and half our kids came from Brightwater, so there was a lot of demand from parents to set up a group there,” Lee says.

“We had four leaders in Wakefield so I decided I’d go to Brightwater and set up the group but I didn’t expect it to be this popular.

“We have a new trained leader, Jade Double, who came to my rescue because Keas have to have one trained leader for every six children. So we have 12 kids now and the only way we can take more is to recruit new leaders.”

Lee says the Nelson zone Kea leader Angela Burke has also been attending the group’s meetings so that more children can attend but they would like more parents to train as leaders.

She says parents need to be “vetted” by police before they can become a Scout leader or parent helper to “ensure the kids are in safe hands”.

Lee says the group has lots of fun playing games that also reinforce the Scout’s values including caring and sharing.

Anyone who wants to become a Kea leader or parent helper at Brightwater can email